Adelaide Lala Tam explores complexities within the food production system with an intention to unfold the stories behind it. She is curious about the role of a designer as a mediator between food and design and uses her design skills to reconnect people to the origin of their food.

Her work begins with thorough field research and she considers the social context at the initial stages of a design project. She has explored indigenous villages, farms and food production facilities, often examining specific details within these large systems. The outcome varies and is not limited to a specific design approach, bringing to highlight the information revealed during her observations.

Adelaide originates from Hong Kong and is currently based in the Netherlands. She graduated Cum Laude from the Food Non-Food department at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018. Her project ‘0.9 Grams of Brass’ won the Future Food Design Award 2018 for both the jury and audience categories. She was amongst the 20 best design graduates speaking about her project at the 2018 Design Indaba Antenna Conference edition in the Netherlands. The Ultimate Milk Cow project, which is a series of trophies representing three categories in modern day milk production, featured among the collection of the Water School from Studio Makkink and Bey at Salone del Mobile Milan 2019.

Adelaide also has experience related to food itself. She managed and catered for a pop-up restaurant, Uni Yum, during DDW. Adelaide also served as a juror for The Future of Worstenbroodje Competition in 2018. She has held workshops and attended artist in residence programmes which have covered topics about meat and fish industries. During the Age of Wonderland 100 Days of Learning, she shared her experiences encountered at the Indonesian Kingdom, Ciptagelar. She also guided a group of students to investigate the world of fishball manufacturing in Hong Kong.

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Rm 120-122, Vonderweg 1
5611 BK Eindhoven
The Netherlands
+31 6 33 85 66 95

Kvk: 73130362

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Upcoming Exhibition and Events

Oct  2019       Recreate Out Loud Talk Show - Dutch Design Week - MU Space - Eindhoven, NL

Nov 2019        Microwave International Media Art Festival - Hong Kong 

Nov 2019 E.A.T. Unconference - Hong Kong Polytechnic University


2018 International Summer School of Design - Latvia

2015 - 2018 Design Academy Eindhoven (Cum Laude)

Awards and Grants

2019 Stimuleringsfonds - Grant Programme for Design, collaboration project with Kuang-Yi Ku

2019 Stimuleringsfonds - Open Call Space for Talent

2018 Future Food Design Award - Jury Award

2018 Future Food Design Award - Audience Award

2018 Melkweg Award - Nomination


2019      Copernicus Science Centre - Warsaw, Poland

2019      Edible Future Exhibition - Interior Design Show Vancouver - Canada 

2019 K26 Stichting Kunst en Cultuur - OSS, NL

2019 Farming the Future - Dual Exhibition with Kuang-Yi Ku - Temporary Art Center - Eindhoven, NL

2019 Water School by Studio Makkink and Bey - Alcova - Milan Design Week, Italy

2018 G18 Design Academy Graduation Show - Dutch Design Week, NL

2018 Me-Hivef - Biomimicry Exhibition - Sigulda Castle Complex - Sigulda, Latvia

2015 Thinking Food Design - Paris Design Week, France

2015 Mummy Shit Lab - Design Academy Eindhoven Eat Shit Exhibition - Milan Design Week, Italy

Workshops / Talk

2019       the Ultimate Imperial Feast - research process exhibition - Taiwan Contemporary Culture Club - Taiwan

2018    The BankGiro Loterij Fonds Radical Imagination Talks - 0.9 Grams of Brass

2018 Dutch Design Week - Antenna 2018- the World’s Best 20 Graduates

2017 Dutch Design Week - Food Cabinet - Age of Wonderland, 100 Days of Learning, the 93 Days : In Praise of Beef

Catering related

2018 the Future of Worstenbroodje Competition - Jury member

2017 Pop-up Restaurant Uniyum - Curator/ Co-owner


2018 HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity - Hong Kong


2017 Fujimaki Seitou Co., Ltd - Arita, Japan

2016 Kingdom of Ciptagelar - West Java, Indonesia

2016 Studio Made in Sample - Hong Kong