The Ultimate Milk Cow

Trophy design for the future milk cow

And the winner is…

One of the most highly domesticated and manipulated animals in modern agricultural industry is the cow. Catering to dairy consumption, the milk production of a single cow has increased by 61% in the last 25 years. The major factors in this increase are due to growth hormones, high-energy feed rations and genetic selection. The exploitation of the milk cow is accompanied by a further level of devaluation: they are reduced to status of infinitely reproducible machines for milk production rather than an animal as a sentient being. Their physical condition is shaped into perfection for ultimate production.

Three trophies have been designed to represent three separate categories. These are: ‘always fertile’, which is always fertile while it’s inseminated; ‘always female’, a cow that always gives birth to a female calf and ‘always increasing’, a cow which is always increasing its own milk production amount.

This project explores the morality behind dairy production while being inspired by a Dutch award that is given to the farmer if the cow produces more than 100,000 liters of milk.

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