Re-create out loud talkshow @ Mu DDW2019

Re-create Out Loud talk show during Dutch Design Week 2019. A talk show intended to find a perfect dinner partner for the Robin for a dinner date. Through a playful and interactive selection process, a winner eventually can get a free seat to join a dinner which Robin (an existing cow with actual name Romie 18) will be served on the plate.

Commission by MU.

Videographer: Yen-An Chen


Dual Exhibition: Farming the Future - Zoom in and out

In recent years, our world as we know it has altered immensely and it continues to transform at a rapid scale. A changing climate has brought on variations in the earth’s environment, which in turn influences human society.

At the current rate, our food production systems may not be able to cope with an ever increasing human population. In today’s times, human beings rely on the complete agricultural system to provide enough food, however, the impending transformations of the environment are bound to cause problems with that system. 

Alongside this, there is growing sensitivity towards ethical food production and animal welfare in modern society. People are becoming more conscious of the harm animals undergo within classical farming methods. 

How can human beings deal with environmental, ethical and social issues facing the agriculture and food industries? Is there a possibility to find a co-existence between human and nature? 

Through the exhibition ‘Farming the Future - Zoom in and Out’ Kuang Yi Ku and Adelaide Lala Tam aim to explore these complex issues through their interdisciplinary practices. Both artists/designers tend toward fascinations based on nature and their similar interests have led them to this collaborative exhibition.

Ku and Tam have also collaborated to form a new project, of which the work in progress is shown alongside their individual works during this exhibition. The “New Ultimate Imperial Feast” is a project symbiosis of bio art and food design. 

Farming the Future - Zoom In and Out is on display at TAC Eindhoven from 30 May till 23 June.


How to consume Romie 18 (work in progress)


Artist in residence: HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Hong Kong